Women may surpass men on payrolls
With the recession taking its heaviest toll on male-dominated fields such as manufacturing and construction, women are on the verge of surpassing men on the nation’s payrolls for the first time in American history.
The New York Times

Traffic deaths drop
Traffic deaths fell about 10 percent across the nation last year, dropping in at least 42 states as Americans battered by high gasoline prices and the sour economy cut driving by a record amount. In some states, the death totals dropped to levels not seen in a half-century.
USA Today

Two-handed bowler
Australian bowler Jason Belmonte is revolutionizing the sport with a two-handed delivery that lets him put unprecedented rotation on the ball as it explodes into the pocket. “He’s got one of the strongest balls I’ve ever seen,” said Hall of Fame bowler Carmen Salvino, 75.
Los Angeles Times

Cash-starved states expand bottle bills
In a move to raise millions in revenues, cash-starved states are expanding bottle bills to include bottled water, juice, and sports drinks. When consumers fail to return these bottles, the states pocket the nickel.
Associated Press

Heavy military equipment increases orthopedic injuries
Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, who routinely go into combat wearing equipment that weighs between 60 and 150 pounds, have experienced a dramatic rise in muscle and bone injuries. Last year the Army reported 257,000 acute orthopedic injuries.
The Washington Post