Here’s some “late-night breaking comedy news,” said Andrew Malcolm in the Los Angeles Times. Comedians have started making jokes about Barack Obama—“The One who’s president right now”! Jon Stewart, on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” cracked jokes about Obama’s speaking style and his mannerisms (click here for the video).

"Don't expect miracles, here," said Moe Lane in RedState. Stewart's a liberal, after all. But at least he's smart enough to realize that his audience will get bored if he just continues to lampoon "that Bush guy." It just goes to show, "you make fun of the president you have," even if you'd rather mock somebody else.

"Even given the eloquence of Obama," said Yael T. Abouhalkah in The Kansas City Star, "I'm pretty sure he will give Letterman and other comedians plenty of material to work with over the next four years." Obama already obligingly bumped his head—with TV cameras rolling (click here for the video)—while stepping onto the Marine One helicopter. Nine more makes a Top 10 list.