This is a first, said BBC News. Batwoman, DC Comics’ only gay superhero, will appear in at least 12 issues of her own comic book starting in June. This is sure to “cause some controversy,” but so far at least one group is happy about it: “The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation praised DC for their efforts to diversify their characters.”

As they should, said Guy Adams in the Irish Independent. Not only will this be the “most high-profile appearance by a gay superhero in any book published by the legendary DC Comics,” it also “represents a significant cultural landmark for the gay rights movement, and follows a concerted effort by DC Comics to introduce more characters from ethnic and sexual minorities.”

Give me a break, said John Capone in NBC Chicago. First of all, Batwoman is “a comic book character breaking the gay superhero barrier—hardly the equivalent of Rosa Parks.” And second, “she is the very essence of a male dominatrix fantasy, thought up by a group of horny comics geeks”—DC is hardly “striking a blow for equal rights.”