Will Ferrell’s one-man Broadway show You’re Welcome America: A Final Night With George W. Bush, said Kevin Williamson in National Review Online, “is something less than a play but something more than an extended Saturday Night Live skit.” (Watch Ferrell as Bush here, via YouTube) But by exploring only Bush the caricature or punchline—“as opposed to Bush the man”—Ferrell exposes his own limitations as a comedian.

Ferrell’s new show is “tacky, cocky, defensive, a little half-assed here and there,” and “utterly full of itself,” said Scott Brown in New York magazine. In other words, Ferrell’s treatment of Bush—which will also air on HBO next month—is spot-on. Ferrell delivers a “greatest hits” of a presidency-gone-wrong, and You’re Welcome America is “bunker-bustingly funny.”

That's open to debate, said Tom O’Neil in the Los Angeles Times. Reviews have been mixed, although Ferrell could win both Tony and Emmy awards. Comedians tend to do well in the Tony’s “catch-all category” for special theatrical events, and “HBO has had great success at the Emmy Awards with their comedy” specials—we’ll see what happens.