There is one state secret in America, said Gao Tiejun in China's People's Daily (via Watching America), that is known only to President Obama's "real henchmen"—the president's e-mail address. Defense Secretary Robert Gates doesn't know "the most secret e-mail address in the world," nor does House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. So who on earth are the new president's henchmen? It was easy to spot the henchmen of Bill Clinton—anybody invited to sleep in the Lincoln bedroom probably qualified. Anyone summoned to George W. Bush's “farmland in Texas to enjoy barbecue and field work” could be counted as one of his goons. But identifying the presidential henchmen will be harder with Obama, who probably has old friends from Chicago and other shadowy operatives lurking, ready to do his bidding. The rest of the world can only wonder who the henchmen are.