Tonight: Franz Ferdinand


Franz Ferdinand shows off some new moves on its third album, said Tim Chester in New Musical Express. For Tonight, the Scottish band holed up in a Glasgow studio to think up fresh directions for its dirty, dance-punk sound. If 2004’s Franz Ferdinand made girls dance and 2005’s You Could Have It So Much Better made girls cry, the new album is designed to get them into bed—if only for a night. Chronicling the odyssey of a night out, it’s an album for dancing and debauchery, said Andy Langer in Esquire. Franz Ferdinand eases up on the propulsive backbeat that’s defined the band’s style so far and instead steeps songs in a slinkier, swaggering wash of new wave, disco, and digitalism. “Tempos swing instead of stutter” as the bass and Giorgio Moroder–style synths drive the beat. The new Franz Ferdinand still sounds too much like the old Franz Ferdinand, said Mark Edwards in the London Times. One track, “Lucid Dreams,” reveals “some genuine reinvention.” But the album as a whole “could have been so much better.”