Paul McGuigan’s new sci-fi thriller Push is a "rotten effort," said Robert W. Butler in the Kansas City Star. The film, about a group of psychic young Americans hiding in Hong Kong's underworld, is "a bargain basement melding of clichés from the X-Men franchise and TV’s Heroes.” (watch the trailer here, via YouTube)

If you just surrender to Push, said Dan Zak in The Washington Post, you’ll be rewarded “with clever plot twists, a hip soundtrack and the unlikely-but-effective teaming of 27-year-old Chris Evans and 14-year-old Dakota Fanning.”

And Push’s moderate pace is appealing, said Tasha Robinson in The Onion, as it turns the movie “into an ambling, broody concoction" along the lines of the sci-fi crime thriller Strange Days. But a “more aggressive editor” would have helped immensely.