The Uninvited
Directed by Charles and Thomas Guard


A daughter is haunted by her dead mother.

The Uninvited is “ironclad proof” that Hollywood should stop remaking Asian horror movies, said Glenn Whipp in the Los Angeles Times. This latest attempt is inspired by South Korean director Kim Jee-woon’s A Tale of Two Sisters. A teenager is institutionalized after her invalid mother dies in a fire, and when she returns home she finds that mom’s sexy nurse is dating her father. This remake never comes close to the creepiness of the original and instead “settles for a grab bag of horror-movie tropes.” It’s true that directors Charles and Thomas Guard “cut fast and rarely steer clear of cliché,” said Michael Phillips in the Chicago Tribune. But for a pair of first-time filmmakers, the British brothers do “have a knack.” They pack The Uninvited with suspense and “supply jolts efficiently.” Their surprises are “more likely to induce snickers and yawns than shudders and yelps,” said Dennis Harvey in Variety. Only the end provides a real twist, but the film’s overall lack of credibility makes the conclusion as “ineffectual as everything else.”