The new romantic comedy He’s Just Not That Into You, about miscommunication between men and women, said Roger Moore in the Orlando Sentinel, is “the movie equivalent of watching somebody learn to juggle (watch the trailer here, via YouTube). A lot of things go into the air, most are dropped, and afterward, there's the awkward silence of an entertainment that hasn't quite delivered.” Plus, the movie is “sexist and mildly offensive.”

He’s Just Not That Into You does paint women as being “either clingy or demanding while the men are cruel or befuddled,” said Alonso Duralde in But it also delivers a “good number of solid laughs,” and even examines some hard truths. Too bad the filmmakers couldn’t “resist driving this chick-flick to Schmoopytown, reversing its blunt relationship advice with happy endings.”

But for “a movie based on what is essentially an instruction manual about love,” said Bill Wine in All Headline News, “the trick is to be romantic without being pedantic, and He's Just Not That Into You pretty much pulls that off.” Plus, “there's lots of talent on display,” and the movie is “sufficiently humorous” and “psychologically astute”—romantic comedy lovers “should have a playing-the-field day” with this.