We have a winner, said Bruce Horovitz in USA Today. According to our Ad Meter, viewers preferred the Doritos commercial—featuring the now-famous crystal ball—more than any other ad that aired during this year’s Super Bowl (watch it here, via YouTube). And it wasn’t even Madison Avenue that came up with it—“it was two unemployed brothers from Batesville, Ind.” who created the spot for an online contest.

In my book, said Jennifer Wells in the Globe and Mail, Audi’s ad was the best (watch it here, via YouTube). First of all, it featured Jason Statham of The Bank Job and Crank fame, who is “admired by men and women alike, thus marketing gold.” Secondly, Audi wasn’t afraid to take on the competition, having both the Mercedes and BMW in the ad crash. To top it off, the styling was “spot-on.”

Well, if you go by TiVo’s numbers, said James Callan in Bloomberg, GoDaddy.com’s “Enhanced” commercial—a parody of a congressional hearing—captured the most people’s attention (watch it here, via YouTube). That ad more than any other was rewound and watched again—not too surprising, since it features “women in tight, low-cut tops.”