The "rock star-styled administration" of President Obama isn't up to the problems facing America, said Wang Xiaodong in China's Sina news Web site (via Watching America), despite the pledges he made in his "boring and unreadable" book. For instance, he promised to cut U.S. carbon emissions by 80 percent by 2050. That will only happen if the world runs out of oil, or if America, "the biggest disaster in human history," is wiped out in a nuclear war. And despite the "moral superiority complex" of white Americans over electing a black man, Obama will only inflame their "racist instinct" when he fails to bring instant "Change." How can he change the "root cause" of his nations' troubles: that "the American is becoming a dud"? In fact, "America's failed financial casino show" has left it a financial leper, and the only way it will be able to keep on living "extravagantly" is by "grabbing other countries" through military force, as it tried to do with its inefficient "looting in Iraq."