“Jessica Simpson might not like the reason for her latest comeback,” said Lorena Blas in USA Today. The singer was off the radar for months before her extra curvy look at a recent Florida concert launched a flurry of stories about her weight. Suddenly, she’s getting more media attention than ever—but it’s insulting.

Simpson isn’t afraid of the tabloids, said Wendy Grossman and Mike Fleeman in People. If she were, she wouldn’t have worn skin-tight leather pants on stage after “the flap over her figure.” But there she was, days after the Florida appearance, strutting before an audience in Virginia, chiding the gossip writers for their “completely pointless” focus.

You can hardly blame people for noticing, said David K. Li in the New York Post. Fans are used to seeing her squeezed into a pair of Daisy Dukes, so when she showed up in Florida wearing “an outfit that accentuated every unflattering curve of her 5-foot-3 frame,” what were gossip columnists supposed to do, ignore it?