Christopher Ciccone has had a roller-coaster ride as Madonna’s brother, says Miranda Sawyer in the London Observer. Born and raised in Detroit, the two grew up to be the closest of their parents’ eight children. When his sister began hitting it big in the mid-’80s, Ciccone hitched his star to hers, becoming her dresser, backup dancer, onstage director, and interior decorator. “I did some of my best work with her,” he recalls, “and she with me.” But as her fame grew, he says, she turned into a self-centered, demanding diva. “She kept insisting that everything has to be done her way, according to her timetable, and that life must be lived by her rules. I now realize that she really didn’t know me at all as a person.’’ When she became involved with Guy Ritchie, Christopher says, she began distancing herself. “A certain kind of diva carries a gay man around like a handbag, like an accessory. And once they find the right straight guy, they don’t need a male companion any more.” Last year, he published a tell-all book that portrayed his famous sister quite negatively. They haven’t spoken since. “In the end, it makes me feel lonely.”