Obama Inauguration draws largest crowd ever
Though several experts provide lower estimates based on satellite photos, District of Columbia officials now estimate that the size of the crowd at the Obama Inauguration was 1.8 million—making it the largest crowd ever for any event in Washington, D.C.
The Washington Post

Deceased actors and the Academy Awards
Heath Ledger’s nomination for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in The Dark Knight marks the seventh time a deceased actor has been recognized. The only one to have won was Peter Finch, for Network (1976).
New York Daily News

Roadside bomb attacks in Afghanistan jump 45%
Roadside bomb attacks against U.S. coalition forces in Afghanistan jumped 45 percent in 2008 over the previous year, the Pentagon reported. There were 3,276 bombings with improvised explosive devices, and the number of coalition troops killed by these bombs more than doubled, from 75 to 161.
USA Today

Most black children are born to single mothers
Seventy percent of black children in the U.S. are born to single mothers.
The New York Times

Cheerleading injuries increase
There were 26,786 emergency-room visits for cheerleading injuries in 2007, up from 4,954 in 1980—a result of the ever-more daring gymnastic moves girls’ teams are attempting in competition.