Britney Spears has “kicked up a firestorm” over the title of her new single “If U Seek Amy,” said David Hinkley in the New York Daily News, “which when spoken rapidly spells out a crude sexual phrase.” Since the song has been getting major radio airplay, watchdog group the Parents Television Council (PTC) has “threatened to file indecency complaints” with the FCC. The PTC has a point: “While popular music has a long history of double entendre, this is more like a single entendre.”

Shouldn’t the PTC and all those “bored soccer moms” only “be allowed to whine about TV”? said The Blemish. Thanks to them, now other parents are complaining to radio stations and demanding they only play the song between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. This is ridiculous. I’m usually “all for making fun of Britney, but this time she did something mildly interesting—let her enjoy this.”

Well, “Britney Spears has either found herself in yet another mess,” said Kevin C. Johnson in The Blender, “or engineered the perfect publicity stunt.” I guess we’ll have to wait and see if the PTC complaints slow the momentum of her new album, Circus, or just serve to help sell more copies of it.