Last Chance Harvey
Directed by Joel Hopkins


Two middle-aged strangers find love in London.

Without Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson, Last Chance Harvey would be forgettable, said Elizabeth Weitzman in the New York Daily News. In this romantic comedy from Britain, the two beloved actors play strangers who meet by chance at London’s Heathrow Airport and eventually fall in love. The “edgily neurotic” Hoffman and “wryly practical” Thompson are hard to believe as a couple, but they pull it off. Director Joel Hopkins’ script, though, leaves little to the imagination and instead depends on the charm of its leads. Mostly the film consists of contrived, if entertaining, chitchat, said Joe Morgenstern in The Wall Street Journal. At most, it’s a chance for movie­goers “to see two superb actors having their way with wafer-thin material.” Last Chance Harvey isn’t trying to be anything more than a small film, said Betsy Sharkey in the Los Angeles Times. Its charm comes from the pair’s “ordinary everydayness”—and those little moments in which they gradually get to know each another. Appreciate that, and you’ll find the film a “little sweet relief.”