Los Angeles
Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza
(805) 449-2787

The attraction of this musical are 17 Neil Sedaka chartbusters, said the Los Angeles Times. Sedaka’s songs retain a certain nostalgic charm. But the script, by Erik Jackson and Ben H. Winters, is so poor it “makes Mamma Mia! seem positively Dickensian.”

Five Days In March
Walker Art Center
(612) 375-7600

Writer/director Toshiki Okada’s latest is a piece about war that doesn’t talk about it directly, said the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. Following four Japanese adolescents during the first days of the Iraq war, it has plenty to say about “geopolitical conflict, as well as personal disillusionment.”

New York
Soul of Shaolin
Marquis Theatre
(212) 307-4100
This kung fu spectacular from China is like a Bruce Lee film “with more noble aspirations,” said The International Herald Tribune. The story, about a boy raised by Shaolin monks, is passable, but the gravity-defying martial arts prove “sturdy Broadway entertainment.”