The first two episodes of Lost’s fifth season, which premiered on ABC Wednesday night, said Emorson Parker in iF Magazine, were so “discombobulated that it was hard to get excited” about them. Not only was every character “doing something in a separate direction,” the show’s former “zippiness” and “passion” was missing too.

“There is an awful lot going on in these first two hours,” said Karla Peterson San Diego’s The Union Tribune, “and if I didn't trust” the creative minds behind Lost, “I would worry that this flurry of brain-teasing activity could be the sign of shark-jumping to come.” But they haven’t let me down yet, so “I'm willing to hang on no matter how wild the ride gets.”

The show’s “writers have set themselves up splendidly” this season, said Oscar Dahl in Buddy TV. “There are infinite directions the plot could go” in, and the beginning of season five offered “a fantastic opening scene, a rollicking first hour,” and “a clear sense of purpose for all of our favorite characters.” It's hard to deny that the premiere was a success.