The ancestry of previous presidents
All previous U.S. presidents were not only white, they all were of Northern European ancestry—British, Irish, Dutch, or German.
The Wall Street Journal

Aeroflot jet ditched in river in 1963
US Airways Flight is second commercial jet to land in a river.
Only once before US Airways Flight 1549 crashed in the Hudson River last week has a commercial jet ditched in water with no loss of life. This was in 1963, when a Soviet Aeroflot jet with 52 passengers ran out of fuel and landed in a river near St. Petersburg.
New York Daily News

William Henry Harrison's long inauguration speech
The longest inauguration speech in history was delivered in 1841 by William Henry Harrison, who droned on for two hours during a driving snowstorm. Harrison wore no overcoat in the cold, came down with pneumonia shortly thereafter, and died after just a month in office.

2008 ranks as eighth warmest year on record
New data shows that 2008 was the eighth warmest year on record, according to the National Climatic Data Center. The 10 warmest years have all occurred since 1997.
Associated Press

Americans have trouble paying medical bills
More than 57 million Americans are having trouble paying their medical bills, owing an average of $2,000 to doctors and hospitals. Because of underpayment, half of all hospitals run at a loss.
The New Yorker