Britney Spears has been photographed “prancing around in fishnets, bad wigs, red lipstick,” and acting completely “crazy,” said Actress Archives, so what could she “possibly tell us about herself” that we don’t already know? We may soon find out, as the pop star is “reportedly in talks to channel some of the Circus that is her life" into a $14 million three-book deal.

Who wants to read one Britney autobiography? asked Carolyn Kellogg in the Los Angeles Times. Let alone three. But this may only be a rumor—in these hard times, it's hard to believe a publisher would pay anybody more than Bill Clinton's record $10 million two-book memoir deal with Knopf.

As usual with stories about Britney Spears, “it's difficult to tell truth from fiction,” said OK! Magazine. As much as we “would love to see Britney finally tell her complete side of the story—from Mickey Mouse Club to divorced mother of two—we're not holding our breath.”

If Britney's autobiography is for real, said Kat Angus in Canada’s Dose, “it will almost certainly be a bestseller.” Spears is on a serious “comeback crusade, which, so far, has included moving 1.2 million copies of her latest album, Circus, and selling out her world tour.” A book deal would be “yet another success” to add to the list.