Kate Hudson is romantically confused, says Chrissy Iley in the London Times. The 29-year-old actress’ seven-year marriage to Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson ended in 2007. Since then, she has been involved with actor Owen Wilson and cyclist Lance Armstrong, among others. Romance, she admits, still baffles her. “I fall in love easily. I am a heart person,” she says. “There are people who are ruled by that force and there are head people, but that’s not me.” She is particularly perplexed by the notion of monogamy. “I don’t think we’re made up to be monogamous: We are animals, emotionally and physically.” That said, Hudson doesn’t believe in having nonexclusive sexual relationships. “I could never be in a relationship that wasn’t monogamous, because I don’t know how to. I couldn’t deal with it. There is something sacred about the relationship that is broken. If we are going to go down this monogamy path, let’s just know it’s hard—because when you start hurting people and cheating, that is so mean.” She doesn’t expect to sort out these issues any time soon. “If you have that personality it’s never going to go away because you are ruled by your sexual energy. You just have to remember that not hurting people comes first.”