January is the month in which movie studios “quietly off-load their least-impressive product,” said Joshua Rothkopf in Time Out New York. But “something arresting happens” with David S. Goyer’s horror film The Unborn (watch the trailer here, via YouTube), about a young woman being haunted by her dreams—“it actually scares you.”

“There are some effective scares here,” said Christy Lemire in the Associated Press, “and you'll laugh at yourself afterward just for jumping and squealing like a little girl.” But the real laughs will come from hilarious images and bits of dialogue that the filmmakers probably didn't intend to be funny.

The trouble is that this is just a paint-by-numbers horror film, said Michael Gingold in Fangoria. Almost everything in The Unborn has been done “so many times before that it doesn’t carry much excitement or terror.” The Unborn has “been streamlined to its basic essentials, and it’s a shame that those essentials prove to be very basic indeed.”