One of “the most reserved and enigmatic public figures of recent times” is finally going to tell her story, said Hillel Italie in the Associated Press. First Lady Laura Bush has signed a deal with Scribner to write a memoir, and “the potential audience is enormous.” She is “essentially unknown to her many admirers, who have speculated about her politics (rumors abound that she's more liberal than her husband), her marriage and a car accident when she was a teenager.”

Don't expect a "thrilling volume of history in action," said Hamilton Nolan in Gawker. Laura Bush, who seems to be “made-of-wood,” is more likely to churn out a volume “full of sickly sweet platitudes.” This is sure to be “the most boring First Lady memoir ever.”

Don’t underestimate the First Lady, said Daniel Nasaw in the Guardian. Laura Bush had “an immaculate stage presence during her husband's presidency,” and took bold stands on humanitarian issues. She’s also a former school librarian, and she founded the National Book Festival with the Library of Congress—so she knows what goes into a great book.