For a while there, said Miriam Datskovsky in The Daily Beast, it looked like Scrubs was finished. After treating the sitcom “like a leper” for seven years, NBC last year “decided it had enough" and aired a midseason, fantasy-based episode billed as the series finale. But “thankfully,” ABC president Steve McPherson resurrected Scrubs, and the first two episodes of its eighth and final season will premiere on that network Tuesday night.

A network change was what Scrubs needed, said Alan Sepinwall in The Star-Ledger. Toward the end of the show’s run on NBC, “the ratio of comedy-to-tragedy tilted out of control.” But the first two ABC episodes “more closely resemble the series in its marvelous early seasons,” and suggest that star Zach Braff's “victory lap will be a memorable one.”

Don’t speak too soon, said Verne Gay in Newsday. One of the episodes is funny. But the other “drags” and is too “touchy/feely.” Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence “has vowed that he wants to take the emo route more often” this season—which could be a mistake.