With Bedtime Stories, said Lael Lowenstein in Variety, Adam Sandler “has delivered on his promise to make a movie his kids can enjoy”—and “he's managed to do so without alienating his core audience.” (watch the trailer here, via YouTube) Even though this comedy (about a hotel handyman whose outrageous stories come to life) “clearly skews to a younger demo, there's enough sophomoric humor here to reassure the Sandler faithful.”

“Sandler has a strong following,” said Rick Bentley in the San Jose Mercury News, “but even his fans must have limits”—and “this film could well be the breaking point.” There’s “no evidence of a script” here, the movie is “just a series of nonsensical events that at times are anchored by reality and at other times are pure fantasy.” And it would be easier to overlook “this lack of direction if the movie at least were funny,” but it’s not.

Bedtime Stories isn't Sandler's best movie, nor is it his worst,” said Edward Douglas in ComingSoon.net. Sure, “jaded adults” will most likely “figure out what's going on and where everything is going, but kids will certainly enjoy the ride and how everything is pulled together at the end”—this fantasy film is “perfectly harmless fun.”