Dustin Hoffman is a creature of habit, says Cindy Adams in the New York Post. Now that he’s 71, the acclaimed actor has embraced the comfort of predictability. “I live the same life every day,” he says. “All the time. I go to bed 9 o’clock. Always wake up 4 in the morning, so I don’t need an alarm clock. Make my own coffee, hang with the dogs to see they pee and poop, then I work out for an hour. I know if I don’t work out while I’m still on the coffee high, I won’t. Then it’s my ablutions, although I don’t know what that word really means. I brush my teeth, shower, go into my sauna.” That last activity is particularly important to him. “Wherever I am, if I’m away, I rent a prefab sauna to sweat and loosen up the bones. The older you get, the more those bones need loosing.” Hoffman also always schedules time for a siesta—for professional reasons. “I’m a proponent of the afternoon nap. [Director] Elia Kazan napped 15 minutes every day instead of eating lunch. Einstein always took a nap. See, it never fails that 10 hours from when our day starts, the director always calls for your close-up. And without that nap you look puffy.”