Tom Jones takes his imbibing very seriously, says Nick Duerden in Q. “I love drinking,” says the 68-year-old singer and former heartthrob. “Not simply to get pissed, you understand. No, no. I love the art of drinking, and I love the very best stuff. You know, champagne from Champagne, cognac from Cognac, fine French wine, and good British beer. I adore British beer.” When fans spot Jones at a bar in Las Vegas or elsewhere during his tours, they often want to buy him drinks, and he’s happy to oblige. “Who am I to stop them?” he says. “It pleases people. I don’t like to disappoint.” But Jones says he knows his limits and is always careful to avoid public spectacles and to not let alcohol get in the way of his performances. “You’ve got to be disciplined in public, that’s the bottom line. There’s too much at stake.” He says he has known many performers over the years who “ended up falling all over the place” because they approached drinking without “finesse.” He applies a simple standard to his own drinking. “How do I know when I’ve had enough? When I can’t f---ing stand any more!”