James Frey “is moving on from his drugs and booze-soaked memoirs to write the third book of the Bible,” said Alison Flood in the Guardian, in which his version of Jesus will perform gay marriages and live with a prostitute. The author recently told TheRumpus.net that he wanted to imagine Jesus as alive and walking the streets of New York City today—this should go over well with devout Christians.

Frey goes out of his way to be provocative, said Gawker. And seeing as he has yet to land a deal for this book, he is “no doubt looking to stir up controversy.” But he better be careful: He already alienated Oprah’s audience, “which is most of America,” when he admitted to fabricating parts of A Million Little Pieces. And once he has angered Christians, “which is the rest of America”—there may be “nobody left to buy his books!”

Good, said Ericka Anderson in The Confabulum, because “Jesus is sacred to most Americans.” And to people who “consider Christianity a central part of life—including the truth and validity of the Bible”—the ideas that Frey is proposing are stomach turning and borderline blasphemous. Imagining Jesus “living with a prostitute” and “supporting abortion”? It doesn’t get much more offensive than that.