Is director Guy Ritchie re-imagining detective Sherlock Holmes as “a head-cracking, mano-a-mano, bare-knuckle ass-whupper”? said Andrew Pulver in the Guardian. Based on the new photo Warner Brothers just released of a shirtless Robert Downey Jr. in the lead role, it appears so. Ritchie seems to be “taking seriously the challenge that Jason Bourne and, more recently, James Bond have thrown down: Action movies must now be fast, furious and—crucially—tight-trousered.”

Ritchie’s movies have always been fast-paced, contained a lot of action, and starred attractive men, said Alex Billington in Take Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels; Snatch; and RocknRolla, for instance. Ritchie knows what he’s doing, and we’re sure that his take on Sherlock Holmes will be great.

Well, Warner Brothers’ decision to bring this image of Robert Downey Jr. “out so early” suggests that “this will be a brutal film,” said Neil Miller in Film School Rejects, “which should get mixed reaction from Holmes purists.” Ritchie’s adaptation could be “exciting,” but I hope it still holds “on to the intellectual roots of the character.”