“With reunion rumors a dime a dozen these days,” said John S.W. MacDonald in The New York Observer, “it’s nice to get actual confirmation that a band is getting back together—particularly when the band is Blur.” (click here to watch a video about the reunion, via NME) All four members of the legendary Britpop group will reunite for their first gig in nine years at London’s Hyde Park on July 3rd. Let's hope this leads to "more goodies," like other gigs or a new album.

Blur has never been “fully appreciated,” said Paul Clements in the Telegraph. But even as a fan, “part of me wishes they'd stay in their very big houses in the country.” Each member has moved on since the band broke up, and had success in a wide variety of fields. So “I can't help but feel that, as separate entities, the sum of Blur's parts are greater than its whole.”

There's no guarantee the reuinion will actually happen, said Nick Neyland in Prefixmag.com. It’s been tough to get the original members of the “Britpop figureheads” in “the same room in the past decade or so.” But think about what this might lead to: Are Pulp and Elastica reunions in our future? Or even more likely, maybe Suede will get back on stage?