Buena Vista Social Club
At Carnegie Hall


At Carnegie Hall is a poignant epitaph for the Buena Vista Social Club, and “a farewell to the golden age of Cuban music,” said David Hutcheon in the London Times. When the musical collective released its eponymous debut in 1997, the musicians, well into their twilight years, were largely unknown outside Cuba. It only took that one album to make BVSC a global phenomenon. Yet the group performed live only three times before disbanding in 1998, said Michael Quinn in the BBC.com. This double album thrillingly captures the final show, which took place at New York’s Carnegie Hall in July 1998. Listeners  will be blown away once again by the “sheer technical virtuosity of the playing, the impeccably attuned sense of ensemble, and above all, the unfettered and infectious joy in making music.” By now, most of the original members have passed away, but the band’s legacy is “vividly alive.” More than a recording, At Carnegie Hall is a “historic document,” said Thom Jurek in All Music Guide. From the sauntering salsa of “Chan Chan” to the rhapsodic bolero “Dos Gardenias,” it is a “living, breathing” tribute to Cuba’s vibrant culture.