“For a man who blithely admits to having sex with” a 13-year-old girl, said Xan Brooks in the Guardian, Roman Polanski is sure good at playing the victim. The Oscar-winning director is “lobbying for the dismissal” of that “notorious” Hollywood sex case, hoping it might allow him to return “to the country he absconded from in 1978.” Might Polanski be “an amoral coward who ran away from trouble and now demands a Get Out of Jail Free card?”

There is no doubt that Polanski “is a creep for what he did,” said Brad Brevet in Rope of Silicon. But “you don't have to believe Polanski is a good man to realize he stood trial and was ultimately treated unfairly” by “a publicity seeking judge.” If you look at the whole story, you might decide that you “would have fled as well.”

Nothing can “change the fact that he drugged and had sex with a 13-year-old girl,” said Roger Moore in the Orlando Sentinel. But “Hollywood loves to forgive and forget, and if he can remove that ‘fugitive from justice’ label on the grounds that the judge and DA were out to get him,” Polanski “will work in Tinseltown again.”