The federal government's “green” cars
The federal government has spent billions of dollars since 1992 to buy a fleet of 112,000 alternative-fuel vehicles, but since there are so few suppliers of fuels such as ethanol and natural gas, these “green” cars are powered by gasoline 92 percent of the time.
The Washington Post

How prisoners use cell phones
State and federal prisons are struggling with a new problem: Prisoners are using thousands of smuggled cell phones to threaten people who testified against them, conduct drug deals, and seek legal help.
USA Today

Sarah Palin's busy, busy calendar
In addition to more than a dozen offers to write a book, former GOP vice presidential nominee Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska is considering about 800 requests for interviews and appearances. The list includes invitations to make appearances in 20 foreign countries, with all expenses paid.
Associated Press

Postal service theft
In 2006, the last year for which figures are available, there were 515 arrests and 466 convictions among employees of the U.S. Postal Service for “internal theft” of letters, packages, and other items.

Feral dogs terrorize Baghdad
Packs of feral dogs have killed dozens of people in Baghdad in recent months, prompting officials to launch a campaign to capture and kill the animals. The number of strays terrorizing the streets of the capital has grown to more than 1,000.
USA Today