Poland exhumes wartime leader: Polish prosecutors this week exhumed the body of World War II leader-in-exile Wladyslaw Sikorski, to try to determine whether he’d been assassinated. Gen. Sikorski, Poland’s prime minister and commander-in-chief during the war, lived in exile in Britain while Poland was occupied by the Nazis. He was killed in 1943, when the bomber he was flying in crashed shortly after takeoff. Conspiracy theorists in Poland have long speculated that he was dead before the plane crashed, killed by Russians or Germans. After an autopsy, Sikorski’s body was returned this week to its Krakow cathedral vault, but the results of the tests won’t be known for months.

Too corrupt to be funded: The European Union refused this week to give Bulgaria its full annual subsidy because the country’s government is so corrupt. The E.U. warned Bulgaria last July that it must crack down on bribery and extortion or lose up to $650 million. This week, it announced that $285 million would be withheld. “Corruption affects the entire population, from clerks in the countryside to senior government officials,” said Ognian Stefanov, a Bulgarian journalist who had both of his arms and legs broken by thugs after he exposed links between organized crime and government. Corruption watchdog Transparency International rates Bulgaria the most corrupt country in the 27-nation E.U.