Grace Jones
(Wall of Sound)


Grace Jones proves she’s still a “force of nature” on Hurricane, said Susie Goldring in Nearly two decades have passed since the onetime Studio 54 staple released an album, but she’s made an “almost flawless” return with this dub-dance record. Still a towering presence at 60, Jones sets off a storm on the opener “This Is.” “This is my voice,” she brusquely states. “My weapon of choice.” That stylized contralto, which “will rip up anything that stands in its path,” remains her most formidable instrument. Jones’ appeal lies in the “exotic otherness” of her voice, not to mention her entire persona, said Chris Campion in the London Observer. Jones has always resembled an “androgynous alien cast in black steel,” but here she joins the rest of us on Planet Earth. Explicitly referring to her Jamaican upbringing on “I’m Crying (Mother’s Tears)” and “William’s Blood,” she “shatters the illusion” she spent years constructing and comes to seem almost human. “Hurricane isn’t a triumph,” said Alexis Petridis in the London Guardian. But it’s a valiant effort to make music that “lives up” to Jones’ pop persona.