White Denim
(Transmission Entertainment)


The power of Exposion is “difficult to define but impossible to deny,” said Austin Powell in the Austin Chronicle. That’s part of White Denim’s elusive charm. The Austin-based band “slips along the edge of definition,” taking classic sounds and pistol-whipping them into a punk-rock frenzy. The trio’s first full-length CD is a maelstrom of “convulsive post-punk” torrents, hazy, Jimi Hendrix–like blues, and twangy Texas guitar rock. The pulsating “All You Really Have to Do” could be an “outtake from Hendrix sessions backing Little Richard.” “Don’t Look That Way at It” weaves a chopped-up riff through “stutter-stepping percussion and a teenage-wasteland chorus,” said Shannon Zimmerman in Spin. The “artfully ambitious” arrangements could have turned chaotic without White Denim’s “unlikely knack” for concision and song structure. The band crams all its raw energy and experimentation into “shifty, sharp songs that whirl by like tornados with ADD,” said Jon Dolan in Blender. There’s a calm amid the storm though. “Heart From Us All” marries the nice and rough. “Transparency” drapes rockabilly in warped psychedelics. So while Exposion might come off as a little manic, there’s plenty to love.