Roger Moore has trouble expressing his feelings, says Róisín Ingle in The Irish Times. “I am not very good at communicating emotion in real life,” admits the 81-year-old former James Bond. “I am just not very good at it. My daughter always says, ‘Stop patting me like a dog.’ She will say something like, ‘I love you, Daddy,’ and I will pat her on the back, which is affection in my book.” Moore’s detachment is one reason why his romantic relationships tend to come undone; he is on his fourth wife, Kristina. He’s ended previous marriages and romances with barely an explanation. “Those conversations always ended in arguments, and I don’t like arguments. I run 100 miles. I am a coward, I admit it.” So where does his coolness come from? “I think it comes from my father. We only ever shook hands. I never kissed my father until he had a pacemaker put in. Before that I had never kissed him, which is odd, you know. Over the years I’ve found that my reserve is something very personal. I can say I love, because I do love Kristina, but talking about it I always find hard. I hate gushing and gushing speeches.”