“Disney's Bolt (view the trailer here, via YouTube) is the studio's best non-Pixar animated movie in ages,” said Robert W. Butler in the Detroit Free Press online. John Travolta is the voice of Bolt, a superhero—or so he thinks—dog that winds up getting lost, shipped to New York City, and attempts to find his way back home to San Francisco. This 3-D comedy-adventure is “smart enough to keep adults on their toes and exciting enough to keep even the most antsy of kids glued to their seats.”

But the movie’s “messages about the importance of loyalty, love and believing in one's ability to be super are prototypical,” said Nick Schager in Slant online. And although the animation is “colorful” and “dexterous,” and the story combines “humor and pathos,” Bolt is “perfectly amiable” but “rarely brisk.”

Yet somehow, the movie’s cartoon chase scenes are “wittier and more exciting than anything in Quantum of Solace,” said Lisa Schwarzbaum in Entertainment Weekly online.

It’s just too bad that Bolt steals “plot points from The Last Action Hero and The Truman Show,” said Alonso Duralde in MSNBC online. And the “canine protagonist of ‘Bolt’ borrows a character arc from Buzz Lightyear—even youngsters will smell a rip-off.”