Of people earning more than $250,000 a year—the income level that would pay higher taxes in a Barack Obama presidency—52 percent voted for Obama, and 46 percent for John McCain, exit polls showed.

More than 1 million people took the Oath of Allegiance and became U.S. citizens during fiscal 2008, the largest number in the 100 years that the government has been keeping records. Officials said improved coordination between the FBI and immigration officials helped reduced a massive backlog of citizenship applications.

Following a long tradition, the Secret Service has assigned code names to the incoming first family. Barack Obama is “Renegade,” Michelle Obama is “Renaissance,” Malia is “Radiance,” and Sasha, “Rosebud.”
Chicago Tribune

More than 129,000 children are awaiting adoption in foster homes, most of them bypassed by prospective parents because they are black, over 6 years of age, or handicapped.
The Washington Post

Not a single one of the 240,000 free tickets to President-elect Obama’s inauguration in Washington has been issued, but ticket brokers such as GreatSeats.com and StubHub.com are already asking from $1,000 to $10,850 for a single seat. 
Los Angeles Times