“We think we might have found Bad Lieutenant's successor for Unholiest Hollywood Remake,” said Defamer. Apparently, Steven Spielberg and Will Smith “may partner to adapt the ultra-violent Korean revenge flick Oldboy,” which was originally directed by Park Chan-wook (watch the trailer here, via YouTube). What are they thinking? Everyone knows that “Americans don't do incest subplots and ambiguous endings.”

Oldboy is great the way it is, said Elisabeth Rappe in MTV online, and “no American remake can really do it justice.” Especially not one helmed by Spielberg and Smith, who are “talented individuals, but ultimately make movies for the widest audience appeal.”

“Someone in Hollywood was bound to remake this film sooner or later,” said Gary Susman in Entertainment Weekly online, so it might as well be Spielberg and Smith. “Not only are these two at the top of their game creatively, but they've also both proven that they can sell pretty much anything to mainstream audiences, no matter how grim.”

An Oldboy remake could clean up at the box office, said Larson Hill in The Deadbolt online. “Martin Scorsese drew inspiration from the amazing Asian trilogy Infernal Affairs to make The Departed,” and look how well that did. And for anyone who’s never seen the original Oldboy, a remake should be an especially “easy sell.”