Role Models, starring Paul Rudd and Seann William as two friends that are forced to mentor two troubled kids, said Rick Bentley in The Mercury News, “is an offensive, lame and painful attempt at humor.” It’s hard to “sympathize” with a “young character who uses profanity the way most people use adjectives, discusses sex with every breath, and finds great humor in slapping an adult in the face.”

Yes, Role Models is “a mean-spirited, immature and blatantly offensive comedy with no regard for political correctness,” said Dan Hudak in But that’s exactly why “it's absolutely hilarious.” There’s no middle ground here—“you're either with this movie or you're not.”

Actually, “despite its over-the-top raunchiness and preoccupation with ‘boobies,’” said Stephanie Zacharek in Salon, “this comedy is more sweet than edgy.” The “foul language” doesn’t “feel daring or cathartic, only canned,” and “the best parts" are "the ones in which the actors aren't working at all to be outrageous.”