Celebrity Row
American Theatre Co., (773) 929-1031
Itamar Moses’ “interesting mess” of play has a striking premise, said the Chicago Tribune. The Unabomber, a 1993 World Trade Center bomber, and a founder of the Latin Kings street gang once shared a prison. But Moses sheds no light on the murderers.

Dirty Business
Florida Stage, Manalapan (800) 514-3837
William Mastrosimone’s juicy play tackles a “monumentally dangerous” love triangle, said The Miami Herald. The imagined interplay among John F. Kennedy, mobster Sam Giancana, and their mutual mistress, Judith Exner proves “abundantly watchable.”

Washington, D.C.
As American As
Church Street Theater, (202) 669-7229
Ken Prestininzi’s war-on-terror satire has “all the finesse of a plummeting anvil,” said The Washington Post. When a suburban couple’s son goes missing abroad, their home is turned into a “black site” for interrogating suspects.