Mystery Science Theater 3000: 20th Anniversary Edition
(Shout Factory! $63)
This is the box set for “that friend who loves to make loud, sarcastic comments” during movies, said The Washington Post. The show, which aired campy sci-fi films while its hosts cracked wise, went from Minnesota public TV to cult classic.

The Donna Reed Show
(Arts Alliance America, $39.95)
Donna Reed recalls a time when mothers “wore pearls to do housework, not to go to work,” said the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Those days are long gone, but the first season of this classic TV show proves a fascinating “exercise in nostalgia” and window into the past.

Journey to the Center of the Earth
(New Line, $28.99)
This sci-fi adventure very nearly “packs as much punch” at home as in the theater, said the Grand Rapids, Mich., Press. The most recent, 3-D version of Jules Verne’s classic about a scientist who journeys into Earth’s core even comes with appropriate eyewear.