Outgoing President George W. Bush is “reportedly interested in writing about his White House years,” said Associated Press writer Hillel Italie in the San Francisco Chronicle online. But “publishers have a suggestion” for him—“take your time.” Bush-bashing books may have sold well, but publishers aren’t sure if a memoir written by a “deeply unpopular president” would.

Beside the fact that most of America “hates him,” said Gawker, Bush is very unpopular overseas too, so his book probably wouldn’t sell very well there either. And let’s not forget that Bush “struggles with basic grammar and syntax.”

If Bush were to write something "self-critical,” said The Intrepid online, “it might sell.” And Harry S. Truman “also left office with a dismal approval rating, but is now an iconic Presidential figure”—it’s possible that Bush’s legacy could be “positively re-imagined in the future.”