Good week for:
which declared a national holiday to celebrate Barack Obama’s election as the U.S. president. People poured into the streets, sang and danced, and carried Obama’s half-brother Malik on their shoulders.

Doing your civic duty, after Susan Scott-Ker and her husband flew from India to New York City to vote in the presidential election. The couple’s absentee ballots failed to arrive, so they jumped on a plane for the 9,300-mile journey.

Doing your civic duty buck-naked, after 350 residents of a Florida nudist colony petitioned the state to open a clothing-optional voting site.

Bad week for:
Trust, after a Brazilian lingerie designer introduced a line of lacy underthings fitted with GPS devices to track the woman wearing them.

The Iraqi government, which got no nibbles on its offer to sell Saddam Hussein’s 269-foot yacht. The luxury craft, valued at $30 million, is outfitted with swimming pools, gold-tap bathrooms, a secret escape passageway, and several barely used rocket launchers.

British transportation officials, who sent an e-mail to a Welsh councilman asking for a translation of a road sign they wanted to erect: “No entry for heavy goods vehicles.” When the reply came back, the officials dutifully erected a road sign that said, in Welsh, “I am not in the office at the moment.”