Soul Men, starring Samuel L. Jackson and the late Bernie Mac (watch the trailer here, via YouTube), hasn’t even been released yet but it’s already stirring up controversy, said Guy Adams in The Independent. Grammy-winning singer Sam Moore says the movie “is a thinly-veiled portrayal of his career in the soul duo Sam & Dave,” and that it wrongly portrays the duo as “constantly swearing, making liberal use of the ‘N-word’ and indulging in casual sex with groupies.”

Apparently, Moore hasn't seen many movies lately, said Patrick Goldstein in the Los Angeles Times online, “There's nothing in Soul Men that's any more vulgar than the scatological jokes in Zach and Miri Make a Porno or the nauseating violence in Saw 5.” And it’s not racist, “unless you want to contend that every Eddie Murphy and Chris Tucker comedy ever made is racist,” nor is it any more “sexist than a thousand other Hollywood films.”

Please, said Alonso Duralde in MSNBC online. Soul Men is “a road-trip rip-off of The Sunshine Boys infused with soul music and vulgar, misogynist humor," where “every woman who turns up on screen is either a shrew or a slut or both.” It’s a “dreadful film” that “marks a sad end” to the “distinguished” career of Bernie Mac.