Black Ice


In the world according to AC/DC, rock is the only thing that’s sacred, said Brian Hiatt in Rolling Stone. “No one this side of Chuck Berry has written so many great rock ’n’ roll songs about rock ’n’ roll.” Since 1975’s High Voltage, the Aussie rockers have “militantly refused to reach beyond the basics of the form,” and AC/DC isn’t about to desecrate its sacrament on Black Ice. Their first album in eight years “nearly lives up to their career peaks.” “Rock ’n’ Roll Train” is a muscular, medium-paced rocker with propulsive drums and Brian Johnson’s fierce vocals. “Big Jack” moves with the “swagger of a long-lost Back in Black track.” There’s not much here in the way of variety, said Clark Collis in Enter­tain­ment Weekly. Sometimes it seems that Black Ice “consists of little more than a single song.” So what else is new? said Greg Kot in the Chicago Tribune. AC/DC has not only made the same song repeatedly, but the “same album 15 times.” You have to admire musicians who stick to their guns—or, in this case, their guitars.