Jay Reatard
Matador Singles ’08


A collection of singles can’t be expected to hold together as well as an album, said David Bevan in Pitchforkmedia.com. But a batch of singles can be “cranked out independently, ferociously,” and most importantly—in the case of garage-punk geek Jay Reatard—at high speed. On his first Matador release, the high school dropout from Memphis does what he does best: rip through one snotty punk-pop anthem after another. Although most cuts have been previously released, this disc lets you listen in as Reatard plays with a variety of sounds, said Ben Johnson in the Staten Island, N.Y., Advance. His “million-miles-a-second songs are developing and broadening in scope.” Reatard’s feral 2006 album, Blood Visions, was a “set of face-melting lo-fi garage punk.” This disc breaks all punk-rock rules by changing tempos, adding synthesizers, and making acoustic guitar the backbone of a number of songs. At 28 Reatard might be, “dare it be said,” maturing, said Tim Sendra in All Music Guide. But have no fear, “there’s enough rock ’n’ roll energy here to power a small town.”