Gang Gang Dance
Saint Dymphna
(The Social Registry)


“This time out, Gang Gang Dance really means ‘dance,’” said Chris Mincher in The Onion. This art-rock band has “gotten down before,” but too often its cerebral polyrhythms and heavy percussion drift into pointless atmospherics. Saint Dymphna will draw art snobs and club kids alike onto the dance floor. Poised between dance-pop and avant-rock, Saint Dymphna distills the band’s highbrow, out-there experiments instead of diluting them. This Brooklyn-based crew has devised a “hipped-up, streetwise vision” of new age music, said Jonah Weiner in Blender. The band’s “most propulsive” album yet dreamily weaves “syncopated conga clatter, trancey zip-zap, and pillowy synths.” The instrumental opener, “Bebey,” whirls into the euphoric “First Communion”—but not before singer Lizzi Bougatsos starts in with her singular shrieks and banshee wails. As Bougatsos builds to the frenzy of a pagan priestess, the album’s tracks “ascend to vertiginous heights” said Andy Beta in Spin. Saint Dymphna is “something truly transformative,” at once strange and beautiful, primitive and modern, tangible and ethereal.