Pride and Glory
Directed by Gavin O’Connor


A bad seed is found within a family of cops.

Pride and Glory is “as histrionic as it is ham-fisted,” said Carina Chocano in the Los Angeles Times. Edward Norton, Colin Farrell, Jon Voight, and Noah Emmerich play a family of police officers that unravels when a drug bust goes wrong and reveals one of them to be corrupt. If the tired “cop-assigned-to-probe-his-family premise” doesn’t give away the movie’s secrets, the “great, gushing torrents of exposition emanating from the characters’ mouths should do it.” The film spills as much sentiment as it does blood, said Peter Travers in Rolling Stone. But when director and co-writer Gavin O’Connor stays out of the way, the movie “transcends its played-out genre,” thanks mostly to the cast. These reliably strong actors delve deep into the troubled psyches of their characters. O’Connor and his brother, producer Gregory, are sons of a New York City police officer, which makes this a very personal effort, said Mary Elizabeth Williams in Even in the film’s more clichéd moments, there’s always an “intimate affection for the badge.”